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  • Date: 17-06-2012, 17:17
17-06-2012, 17:17

Welcome to our world (Enature)

Сategory: Nudism video

Welcome to our world (Enature)
Description: Documentary film studio Enature "Welcome To Our World" filmed in Ukraine in 2007 on the shores of the Azov Sea. The film was shown and told about a summer vacation Ukrainian Nudists on the beach of the warm sea, about their life and entertainment during the summer vacation. The film "Welcome to our world" as it invites everyone to get acquainted with the lifestyle and philosophy of naturism and interest in this style of life to join the movement by inviting naturism.
Several Naturist families gather for a day at the beach. Even some local bulls stroll along the beach with the nudists - friendly bulls who seem to appreciate the nude lifestyle as well!
Welcome to our world (Enature)Welcome to our world (Enature)

Genre: Documentary nudism / nudist / naturist
Name: Welcome to our world
Format: avi
Size: 1.72 gb

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