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  • Date: 17-06-2012, 14:39
17-06-2012, 14:39

Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)

Сategory: Nudism video

Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)
Czech nudists gathered in a sports club, a rainy Saturday afternoon. When the sky cleared a bit, they all went out into the fresh air, play outdoor games in the parking lot. The rest of the time they devoted to dinner and dancing.
It was a rainy Saturday in June as this lively group of naturists turned out for a fun day of music, snacks and dancing at a small sports club in Trebovice. When the weather cleared everyone ran into the parking lot for games and silliness in this crazy area surrounded by factories.
Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK) Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)Tutti Frutti Nudie (EurovidFKK)

Name: Tutti Frutti Nudie
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: EurovidFKK
Duration: 1:00:47
Size: 1.28 gb

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